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At Austin Rhythm & Drum, Deborah’s goal for each event is to create an exciting atmosphere that energizes and connects your group, community, or company members together with the powerful sounds of West African music!

Each customized program is uniquely designed to provide your group an unforgettable experience creating and playing music together. Participants can then they have an actual “kinesthetic experience” of your program theme and principles. We utilize drums, percussions instruments, body percussions, and movement.

Deborah combines years of organizational leadership experience, combined with facilitation, drumming, and performance skills to help your group have an unforgettable experience!

Our Offerings

Austin Rhythm & Drum programs are powerful vehicles for connecting with others, while supporting professional and personal growth, stress reduction, and wellness. Please take a moment to review our services and offerings as you consider your own event. We look forward to drumming with you!

Virtual Interactive Sessions

Virtual interactive rhythm and drum programs offer a great way to uplift, energize, and connect groups, teams, and organizations. These sessions allow your members to be fully engaged as they participate in rhythmic activities no matter where they are. Whether you need a short, fun and creative energizer for an online meeting, a longer team building program, or a stress reduction session, we have great program options for you! Austin Rhythm & Drum also offers hybrid programs that combine in-person with virtual platforms.

Celebrations & Themed Events

There is nothing like a rhythm and drum program to energize your next organizational celebration.  Austin Rhythm & Drum can provide an opportunity for your organization to have a unique and unforgettable music-making experience. Your friends and employees will be talking about your rhythm and drum sessions for months!  

Celebrations and themed programs can vary from, energizing family-friendly drum circles, to group and organizational gatherings. These events are ideal for conferences (including keynotes or closings), retreats, workshops, product launches, trainings, and more. They are also ideal for special parties, social gatherings, schools and college events.  

As a performing member of Bramaya West African Music & Dance, Austin Rhythm & Drum also works with Bramaya  to provide exciting West African culturally focused programs. Please check out Bramaya West African Music & Dance at for details.

Leadership & Team Building

Leadership and Team Building Rhythm and Drum programs provide interactive and experiential learning opportunities to companies and organizations to strengthen teams by improving communications, deepening connections, inspiring creativity, and strengthening diversity and inclusion efforts.

Austin Rhythm and Drum will consult with you to develop a powerful customized program that is fun, motivating, and inspiring to your employees.  At the end of your session your employees will be connected, energized, engaged, and prepared to take your organization to the next level!

These programs are ideal for company meetings, leadership and professional development training, team building trainings, conferences, forums, and staff retreats.

Wellness, Stress Reduction & Spirituality Events

Austin Rhythm & Drum offers Health and Wellness events focused on creating wellness, stress reduction, mindfulness, and spirituality. These programs are ideal for employee and staff wellness programs, group and community wellness functions, recovery and rehab programs, and outreach programs.

Austin Rhythm & Drum also offers custom programs for “those who serve “, including Veterans, Police, Fire and Security personnel, and Healthcare providers. Deborah delivers these programs using Remo’s Health Rhythm Protocol, a scientifically researched and evidence based program. She also works with The Department of Veteran Affairs WholeHealth Program protocols.

Hand Drumming Lessons

Deborah believes that hand drumming lessons can help individuals find their inner rhythm and empower them to play with everyone in a rhythm and drum circle and in-life.  For those who want to learn and improve their hand drumming abilities, she provides private beginner and beyond beginner djembe drumming instructions for individuals and small groups in her home drum studio located in Austin TX.

Our Basic Event Package

Austin Rhythm & Drum offers a diverse selection of customized programs of varying durations as stand-alone events, on-going events, or as a part of a conference, workshop, meeting, retreat or festival. We suggest program durations of 30 – 90 minutes. We can also provide energizers of shorter duration. The Basic Package includes:

Planning and Preparation

Deborah will conduct a discovery call with you to understand your vision for your drum and rhythm event. Once you all agree to work together, she will develop a custom program, and work with you to ensure it meets your needs. 

Your Rhythm & Drum Event 

Austin Rhythm & Drum will arrive early to set-up your event. We will then deliver an exciting program focused on your guests using dynamic facilitation skills. There will be nothing but smiles and laughter as the program concludes!

Virtual Sessions

Austin Rhythm and Drum delivers high quality virtual programs using a variety of platforms, including Zoom, Teams, Facebook Live, and other platforms. Participants will be invited to use body percussion, found instruments, or personal percussion instruments during the interactive. We will coordinate the details of the session with your organization to ensure a smooth problem free delivery.

Instrument, Equipment and Logistics

We are equipped with enough drums, percussion instruments, and boom-whackers to support small and medium sized groups, and large corporate and organizational programs.  If you are planning a very large event, please contact us early-on so we can discuss the possibilities.

Austin Rhythm & Drum is a registered and insured company. Contact us today to schedule a discovery call about your event!

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