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Uplifting Lives With Rhythm and Drum!

Interactive Rhythm and Drum Programs That Energize, Connect, and Uplift

Welcome to Austin Rhythm & Drum, your place for facilitated rhythm and drum circles, programs, and events in Austin TX. We provide professionally facilitated interactive rhythm programs for individuals, groups, and communities seeking unique, fun, uplifting, and powerful experiences.

Whether your event is a birthday party, a team-building training, or a pro-health and stress reduction gathering, our rhythm and drum programs will provide an authentic and uplifting opportunity for individuals, groups, and communities to energize and connect.

Austin Rhythm & Drum events are welcoming, fun, safe, and require no previous musical experience to participate. In addition to having fun, your group will have an opportunity  to experience the documented emotional and physical benefits of group music making.

"Whenever people gather to play the drum,
the world is a better place."
— Babatunde Olatunji


Why Rhythm & Drum Circle Programs?

At Austin Rhythm & Drum, we believe that a group or community that drums together - thrives together. Rhythm and drum circles and programs are interactive and inclusive group music making experiences that are shared by all participants of any age.

Humans have been using group drumming and informal music making for thousands of years to create powerfully connecting experiences for the whole community. In modern times, human experience, science, and medical research studies have confirmed the social, health, and wellness benefits of group and community music making.

Here are the benefits:

  • Increases your sense of well-being and happiness
  • Creates a sense of connectedness
  • Improves health and wellness
  • Reduces the effects of stress
  • Increase awareness and mindfulness
  • Allows for personal expression and growth
  • Improves communication and collaboration

Uplift, Connect, and Inspire

Austin Rhythm & Drum will deliver an incredible event that will exceed all expectations!